About me

Hello there! My name is Kate, and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

That’s me, after I got my bike back (after it was stolen last year). I was pretty happy.

I started riding a road bike about 2 years ago, and have not looked back. Unless I’m on a descent and I want to take a corner wide and need to check for cars. Oof! Yes, this blog will be full of bad jokes. And stuff about cycling (obvs).

Living in Melbourne, there are heaps of great places to go cycling without the need to have bike racks on your car (or even have a car – I don’t), so – barring the most extreme of weather conditions or an increasingly rare Friday/Saturday double night out – I’m out most weekends doing something.

From flat and scenic options – like Beach Road with all the MAMILS out in force, drinking their long blacks from St Kilda to Sorrento – to the more hilly, remote and beautiful – like the playground of the Dandenong Ranges, the rolling hills of the ride out to the climb to Kinglake (via Hurstbridge or Kangaroo Ground), and even Healesville if your legs can take it – there’s always somewhere where you can disappear to recharge the batteries with a really strong double-dose of regional caffeine and eucalyptus air.

So: welcome! I’m here to share with you, fellow cyclist or future cyclist – female or otherwise, recreational or otherwise – all my hard-earned knowledge, unfounded opinions, gripes, delights, cautionary tales and tales of valour and victory.

I’ll try to keep it entertaining. And please comment or shoot through emails of things you’d like me to write about if you feel so inclined. Then this will be less of a navel-gazing exercise, and more of a useful resource. Imagine that!