Hello readers (mum)!

I’m Kate, and I ride bikes.

Me, somewhere up a hill near Dromana, Victoria (Australia), 2017.

More specifically: a Liv Envie Advanced Pro 0 (2015) road bike (for all the going-fast I do), and most recently a Lekker city bike for commuting that I bought to replace my red Lekker lady-upright-vintage bike whose hub died a tragic death this week. For some reason it’s about the same price to buy a new bike as it is to replace a Lekker hub (OK, sorta-kinda-not-really), so I ended up buying the city bike to replace my trusted work-horse, and now I’m feeling really guilty about the prospect of that glorious hardworking red beauty being stripped for parts, so will probably just take it home to pasture to live out its days in peace.

You can never have too many bikes, right?

I wanted to start this blog because I currently don’t have a job, and so have A LOT of time on my hands. And to write about what I love: riding bikes. As a woman. Because I guess I can’t talk about being a male cyclist, and I figure there are enough of them already in internet-land.

So: welcome! I hope you enjoy.

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